Do you know smoking hot HRTech companies?

What are today's hottest HRTech companies? On behalf of the top 500 HR directors in the Netherlands a list of need to know HRTech companies is compiled. Mail the names of your favourite HRTech companies to 

The top 100 best HRTech companies will be presented online and live on 1 October 2020 at the HR Expo in Houten the Netherland. Over 1000 HR decision makers and over 100 global HRTech investors are going to witness the future of HR. 

According to Anna-Bo Bouwens organisor of the HRExpo and HRAwards: “In a day and time where employee culture and attitude is becoming the one thing that can distinguish us from others. It is amazing to see that companies have not adopted technology fast enough. What must be accomplished is a situation where all the available HRTech is displayed to the HR professional in a way that helps them make better decisions. And exactly that is what we are going to do on the 1th of October in Houten the Netherlands.”

Discover on the 1 October 2020 at the HR Expo ( new insights, develop knowledge, assess HRTech, extend your network and do business. Don’t miss out on the European HRTech Awards. Witness the future of HR.  

Are you interested? Mail the names of your favourite HRTech companies to . Companies can be located anyworld in the world. The only requirement is that they have clients in Europe or planning to enter the European market.

Alex van Groningen

PS We are also looking to connect with HRTech investors that can't afford to miss out on tomorrow's winners . Mail