Wanted: HRTech experts, users and companies

On 1 October 2020 in the Netherlands the European HRTech Awards are handed out to the most innovative HRTech companies. You can help with the curation of HRTech experts, HRTech users and HRTech companies.

The European HRTech Awards gives HRTech companies exposure, provides HRTech investors with leads and insights and – most importantly – enables HR professionals to source better software. Joining the awards (100% free of charge for HRTech companies) is extremely beneficial.

The finals of the European HRTech Awards are hosted at te HRExpo in Houten in the Netherlands. Visitors will meet the European top in HRTech and can attend many pitches and presentations in the HRTech arena. During the show we will present one prestigious European HRTech Award for each of the HRTech categories.

Participation is open to all HRTech companies providing they do business in Europe or they plan to enter the European market. The official launch of European HRTech Awards takes place on 31 March 2020.  Limited seating for this event. 

According to Anna-Bo Bouwens organisator of the HRExpo and European HRTech Awards: “In a day and time where employee culture and attitude is becoming the one thing that can distinguish us from others. It is amazing to see that companies have not adopted technology fast enough. What must be accomplished is a situation where all the available HRTech is displayed to the HR professional in a way that helps them to make better decisions.”

You can help with the curation of HRTech experts, users and HRTech companies. Which experts should be involved? Which companies should be nominated? Contact Alex van Groningen (+31 6 50 643283) and share your thoughts.

Are you a ceo or marketing manager of an HRTech company? Then you might be interested to RSVP for one of the European HRTech Awards Preparation Sessions.  For HRTech entrepreneurs that want to learn more about the European HRTech Awards. Meet with other HRTech entrepreneurs, judges and discover how to stand out. Sign up for (17:30 – 19:00 CET Amstelveen The Netherlands) 25 March 2020 , 2 April 2020 , 9 April 2020 , 16 April 2020 or 23 April 2020 . 

The European HRTech Awards and HR Expo are initiated and managed by Alex van Groningen BV. Alex van Groningen BV is a Dutch publishing company, professional event organiser and a training institute with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa.